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Netflix Series

An original Netflix series starring Thirteen Reasons Why star Katherine Langford is set for release in Spring A DARK MAGIC A POWERFUL WARRIOR. The Witcher · Stranger Things · Shadowhunters: The Mortal Instruments · Dark · The Umbrella Academy · Spuk in Bly Manor · Jurassic World: Neue Abenteuer. You: Now a Major Netflix series (YOU series Book 1) (English Edition) eBook: Kepnes, Caroline: Kindle-Shop.

Netflix Series Netflix: Das sind die besten Netflix-Serien aller Zeiten

Netflix, Inc. ist ein US-amerikanisches Medienunternehmen, das sich mit dem kostenpflichtigen Streaming und der Produktion von Filmen und Serien beschäftigt. Unterhaltung wird nicht nur im Kino geboten. Hier sind die besten Sendungen aus dem Fernsehen, von Sitcoms über Dramen zu Reise- und Talk-Shows. The Witcher · Stranger Things · Shadowhunters: The Mortal Instruments · Dark · The Umbrella Academy · Spuk in Bly Manor · Jurassic World: Neue Abenteuer. Liste von Eigenproduktionen von Netflix bezeichnet: Liste von Eigenproduktionen von Netflix (Serien) · Liste von Eigenproduktionen von Netflix (Filme). Dies ist. Diese Liste von Eigenproduktionen von Netflix (Serien) (auch als Netflix Originals bezeichnet) enthält eine Auswahl an Serien, Reality-TV-Formate und. Streaming-Riese Netflix hat auch viele Serien-Eigenproduktionen im kehrt mit der amerikanisch-britischen Drama-Serie „The Crown“ auf. Breaking Bad ist eine US-amerikanische Drama-Serie aus dem Hause AMC, die sich um den Chemielehrer Walter White dreht. Dieser lebt mit seiner Frau und.

Netflix Series

The Witcher · Stranger Things · Shadowhunters: The Mortal Instruments · Dark · The Umbrella Academy · Spuk in Bly Manor · Jurassic World: Neue Abenteuer. Netflix, Inc. ist ein US-amerikanisches Medienunternehmen, das sich mit dem kostenpflichtigen Streaming und der Produktion von Filmen und Serien beschäftigt. Dezember bei Netflix abrufbar. Darin versucht der einsame Monsterjäger Geralt von Riva seinen Platz in einer Welt zu finden, in der. You: Now a Major Netflix series (YOU series Book 1) (English Edition) eBook: Kepnes, Caroline: Kindle-Shop. An original Netflix series starring Thirteen Reasons Why star Katherine Langford is set for release in Spring A DARK MAGIC A POWERFUL WARRIOR. Jubiläum der Wiedervereinigung bringen Netflix und Amazon mit "Rohwedder" und Düstere Serienkost aus Deutschland: "Dark" bei Netflix. Dezember bei Netflix abrufbar. Darin versucht der einsame Monsterjäger Geralt von Riva seinen Platz in einer Welt zu finden, in der.

That is all. What: Based on the Pulitzer Prize-winning article An Unbelievable Story Of Rapes , this series tells the story of year-old Marie Adler played by Booksmart 's Kaitlyn Denver , a young woman who claims a man broke into her home and raped her.

But when two female detectives in another state who are investigating a serial rapist hear of Marie's case, they start on the path to trust.

Why binge: It's based on a true story that makes for harrowing and uncomfortable viewing, but that is exactly why it's such a vital show.

What: The reality show that became a cultural phenomenon overnight, Love Is Blind puts 15 men and 15 women in separate accommodation and has them date via 'pods', where they can talk but cannot see each other.

If they fall in love, without knowing what the other person looks like, they must propose to progress to the next stage of the show, where they finally get to see each other on their honeymoon, before moving in together, integrating their lives and deciding — at the altar on their wedding day — whether they want to spend the rest of their lives together.

Why binge: So you can finally understand the memes about Barnett, Lauren and Cameron, and the dog with the wine.

Why binge: The show is almost entirely based on real life, with dramatised interviews with criminals including Edmund Kemper and Charles Manson.

Who: Joe Exotic, Carole Baskin. What: Netflix's latest documentary has everyone hooked. Tiger King has ignited convos in endless WhatsApp groups, spawned dozens of memes and even inspired Miley Cyrus to chop her fringe to look like the infamous zookeeper, Joe Exotic, who attempted to hire a hit man to kill animal rights activist, Carole Baskin.

There's murder, hit men, drug lords, and of course, some really big cats. Why binge: Probably so you can understand what the hell everyone's talking about right now.

What: Created by Courtney Kemp Agboh in association with 50 Cent, Power had us hooked since it first aired in , all the way through to its sixth and final season which was shown on Netflix UK this year.

Its protagonist is James St. Patrick who leads a double life: one, as a wealthy, respectable club owner and businessman; the other, as one of the biggest drug lords in New York, who goes by the street name 'Ghost'.

Why binge: Because it's just damn good TV. The numbers speak for themselves — season 5 saw an average of White characters get to be flawed I like that Power is messy.

That makes it more interesting. Who: Dan Schneider. What: Another must-watch from Netflix's recent roster of documentaries, The Pharmacist tells the story small town pharmacist Dan Schneider.

After his son is murdered in a drug-related shooting in New Orleans in , Dan embarks on a relentless mission to find his son's killer.

Soon, he realises that hordes of seemingly young and healthy people are bringing prescriptions for heavy doses of OxyContin into his pharmacy — and they were all being prescribed by the same woman.

He knew there was a problem long before the opioid crisis gained critical attention, and set about trying to save the lives of other young people in his community.

Who: Various. What: From the mind of Charlie Brooker, this dark sci-fi anthology series examines society's reliance on, and obsession with, modern technology — and its consequences.

Who: Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul What: Bryan Cranston plays Walter White, a chemistry teacher who after discovering that he has cancer, decides to partake in meth-making to pay his medical bills.

It's not long before Arron Paul's Jesse gets involved and it all goes, well, wild. Why Binge: There are five seasons of this drug drama and the drama is as high as well, the drug highs.

Who: Linda Cardellini and Christina Applegate What: After her husband dies in a hit-and-run, Jen Applegate takes matters into her own hands and attempts to solve the crime.

Jen soon joins forces with Judy Cardellini who she meets in a support group and the two grieving women are soon bonding over secrets and bottles of wine.

Why binge: If you are a Christina Applegate fan you will be in literal heaven with this black comedy, but unfortunately there is only one season at the moment but season 2 is coming soon.

What: Based very loosely on the famously scary novels by Shirley Jackson, the jump-a-second Netflix drama follows siblings who grew up in what is now the most famous haunted house in the country.

As adults, they are reunited due to a tragic turn of events and must finally, for the first time, relive the horrors of their childhood.

Why binge: If you don't like sleeping and love a good nightmare this is for you. It's the best TV horror series we know. It's the most random school of all time.

Why Binge: This is pure laugh-out-loud escapism across six seasons. So prepare to give those abs a good work out. Who: Jessica Barden and Alex Lawther What: This sleeper Netflix hit follows two sixth form students who go on a road trip which involves murder, estranged fathers and comedic police chases.

It's a coming of age TV show, but one like you have ever seen before. Why Binge: This black comedy is in 20 minute digestible episodes so you will be whizzing through the two seasons before you know it.

Who : Maitreyi Ramakrishnan What: Never Have I Ever is a new coming-of-age comedy about the complicated life of a modern-day first-generation Indian American teenage girl.

The first is pretty turgid and the second is only marginally better, but TNG really hits its stride in season three and never looks back.

Handily, the nature of Star Trek means you can safely miss dozens of episodes and miss nothing important, so a little strategic watching is in order.

From the Academy Award-winning directors and writers of The Matrix comes this mind-blowing globe-trotting sci-fi romp.

Yes, you read that right. When Marie Adler Kaitlyn Dever reports that she has been raped, she finds herself thrown into a deeply flawed system that will go on to tear her already traumatic life apart at the seams.

Based on a true story, Unbelievable follows the aftermath of Adler's rape and the two female detectives who years later team up to uncover a series of disturbingly similar crimes.

The unvarnished horror of Adler's ordeal makes this an understandably difficult watch at times but the excellent lead performances and focus on the voices of victims — so often missing in shows that portray violence against women — add up to a nuanced and unmissable exploration of the lasting impacts of sexual violence.

In this six-part miniseries, the main character Eli Cohen spends years devoted to his Arab persona, eventually becoming close enough to the high-ranked politicians and military leaders who would later take over the country and ascending to power himself.

Now into its second season, David Fincher's Mindhunter is very 'Fincher' and that's a good thing.

The director behind Seven and Zodiac is a producer and directs numerous episodes of the series, which tells the origin story of the FBI's Behavioural Science Unit and its study of serial killers.

The second season has fewer of the tense interviews with killers that made season one famous, instead focusing on a prolonged investigation into the serial murders of young African Americans in Atlanta, the first test of the unit's theories.

The second season isn't quite as tight as the first, but it's still a hugely compelling watch with top-notch production values.

Woke millennial websites? Anti-knife campaigns in chicken shops? Watching inept MPs and civil servants fluff it all up might be the last thing you want to see right now but Armando Iannucci's excruciatingly funny Westminster sitcom which ran sporadically from to might actually be cathartic.

Peter Capaldi's petrifying puppetmaster Malcolm Tucker gets all the best lines insults but the bumbling awkwardness from everyone else is just as exquisite.

Classic Brexit bunker TV. If you like your TV moody and brooding, sci-fi series Dark is for you. What initially appears to be a straightforward mystery investigation soon turns into an ambitious time travel plot with bucketloads of atmosphere.

The title is appropriate. Neon Genesis Evangelion has something of a legendary status in anime circles, and deservedly so. The series, created by Hideaki Anno, follows Shinji, a year-old who is called upon to commandeer a giant robot Evangelion in order to defend the city of Tokyo-3 from attacks by assorted monsters called Angels.

Shinji reluctantly takes up the task, albeit less out of heroism than a desperate need to please his absent father, who happens to lead the Evangelion program.

Netflix's nostalgic sci-fi series is back for its third season. The show picks things up in with El, Mike and the gang teetering awkwardly on the precipice that separates childhood from adolescence.

Meanwhile, in Hawkins, things have taken a sinister turn as the town's residents start to find themselves under the influence of a strange, supernatural force.

Oh, and there's the little matter of the Russian scientists trying to pry open a hole into the Upside Down.

This season more than makes up for season two's missteps, by centering the action on the endlessly endearing relationship between the young characters, while destruction looms in the backward.

The four-part miniseries reenacts the excruciating case of the Central Park Five, a group of black and Latino teens from Harlem, who were wrongly convicted of the rape and attempted murder of a white woman in Filmmaker Ana DuVernay — with Oprah Winfrey and Robert de Niro among the executive producers — tells a true story of racial profiling, injustice and media misinformation over a year timespan, from arrest to vindication.

Ostensibly set in the same animated universe as Bojack Horseman , that show's art director Lisa Hanawalt has a new cartoon called Tuca and Bertie.

Like Bojack, the characters are animals with human hands and feet and a propensity to get real about their feelings in the middle of a scrape.

Also like Bojack, the mix of surreal sight gags and dark set pieces feels chaotic but is in fact expertly calibrated.

Tuca and Bertie is still its own beautiful beast, though. Tiffany Haddish's contagious energy and Ali Wong's neurotic sniggers help to make sure the two main birds they're birds are fully formed from the first episode.

Fans of moody teenage talking plants, bad medicine math and pastry puns should check this out. In this coming-of-age comedy, protagonist Ryan has all the usual concerns of a young gay man, plus one more.

In his quest to become the strongest hero he can be, he's made a fatal error: he's become too strong and he's lost all his hair.

What fun can be had for a hero who can defeat any enemy, no matter how preposterously strong, with a single lethal punch? It's from this premise that One-Punch Man turns every trope of superhero entertainment on its head in a delightfully anarchic series which suffers none of the po-faced seriousness of many Japanese animations.

Whether you're anime veteran or a total newcomer, it's the kind of show that anyone can enjoy. Take a chance. You won't regret it.

From the same team behind The People v O. Simpson comes the true — if slightly embellished — story of the life of Andrew Cunanan, who, in , shot dead the world-famous fashion designer Gianni Versace outside his home in Miami Beach, Florida.

From start to finish, this show is compelling, binge-worthy viewing. Dogs are too good for us. There's proof enough in the first very first episode of Dogs , a tale of a service animal trained to detect seizures in a young girl, giving her back the freedom to be alone.

While the episode about groomers in Japan has its fair share of adorable, Dogs is much more than a series of cute Instagram-worthy clips.

Instead, these slow, quietly told stories reveal how devotion and love bring out the best in us humans, be it at the world's largest shelter in Costa Rica, fishing on an empty Italian lake, or the tense trip a husky takes from Syria to reunite with his owner, a refugee now living in Berlin.

By the time the final episode about adoption rolls around, you'll want one of your own — but not feel quite worthy. In Russian Doll , Nadia has two problems.

One: she keeps dying. Two: she keeps coming back in a Groundhog Day kind of way, not a Walking Dead scenario. The first episode opens with a birthday party thrown for Nadia, played by the glorious Natasha Lyonne, who is also a co-creator on the show.

That same night, she dies — and then finds herself back at the party again. The result is both funny and thought-provoking, without over-egging the potential for philosophical musing.

This eight episode series is one of the more unusual and original Netflix shows in recent memory. It opens with Prairie Johnson, played by co-creator Brit Marling, reappearing having been missing for seven years.

She won't explain where she was or the biggest mystery of all: how she came to regain her sight. What follows is an absorbing supernatural mystery that stretches credulity at times, but keeps you hooked all the same.

An absorbing second season was released in to well-deserved critical acclaim. Based on a series of novels by Bernard Cornwell, The Last Kingdom is set in late 9th-century England, long before the country was unified.

The competing kingdoms have been invaded and occupied by Vikings, leaving Wessex under the rule of King Alfred as the last standing against the plundering hoards.

It's an entertaining historical drama centred on Uthred of Bebbanburg, an Anglo-Saxon who is kidnapped as a boy, raised as a Viking and finds himself playing both sides to try and regain the land and title stolen from him.

It never quite reaches the heights of Vikings , which is available on Amazon Prime, but it's a more than adequate substitute while you wait for its final season.

There are three seasons on Netflix with a fourth on the way. The show, which was uploaded to Netflix for the first time this month, follows the contestants and producers on a fictional series of Big Brother , who become stranded on set as a zombie outbreak ravages the world outside.

It could have been terrible, but thankfully Star Trek: Discovery is absolutely terrific. While at times it oscillates awkwardly between big-budget drama and cheap sci-fi thrills, for the most part this is a thoughtful, visually stunning expansion of Trekkian lore.

Its obsession with winking and nodding to that lore will delight fans of the show, but at its core Discovery is a brilliant character drama, set against some clever and mind-bending sci-fi plot twists.

It's now back for season two. A lot has changed since then. The animated series picks up with BoJack 20 years after his peak as he sinks deeper into middle age and an endless cycle of substance abuse.

In an LA half-populated by human-animal hybrids, BoJack comes to terms with his existential dread in this bleak and darkly funny comedy.

The first half of season one is a little heavy on the bleakness and light on laughs, but once it hits its stride this surreal comedy comes into its own with stellar voice performances from Amy Sedaris, Will Arnett and Aaron Paul.

But there seems to have been some administrative error, as Eleanor is not a good person by any measure. A serial killer targeting children is on the loose in s New York.

The local police department is playing down any connections between the deaths of the young boys, who all work in the sex industry.

Based on Caleb Carr's novel, the series sees criminal psychologist Dr. The trio work under the radar with new police commissioner Theodore Roosevelt in an attempt to track down the deranged serial killer using psychological analysis — a largely unheard of technique at the time.

Travellers is something of a hidden gem, albeit one that's increasingly not hidden as people realise the genius of this tight, entertaining Canadian sci-fi series.

Run by Brad Wright, one of the co-creators of Stargate SG-1 , the show follows a team of time travellers sent back to "the 21st" to prevent the post-apocalyptic future from which they came.

The twist is how they travel. The NBC cult comedy favorite from the co-creator of Rick and Morty has landed on Netflix, and it's picking up an all-new audience about a decade after it originally aired.

This sitcom about a community college study group starts as a more conventional show about its educational setting, but Community reaches the next level when it starts experimenting with pop culture parodies and high-concept episodes.

If you're new to the show, keep watching until season 1's action extravaganza 'Modern Warfare', which firmly establishes Community's identity for later years.

Some seasons are fantastic 2, 3 and 5 , some are just quite good 1 and 6 and one is worth avoiding entirely 4.

This is a perfect binge watch for this moment. Get on it. Ozark was hit by comparisons to Breaking Bad early on, for its tale of a seemingly good guy who's dragged into deep criminal activities.

But it's a very different beast, not least in its visually distinctive titular setting. By its third season, it's forged its own path as a family drama.

This dark, adult series is a dramatic breakthrough role for comedy veteran Bateman, who also directs episodes in each season.

You've got to be in the right mood for it, but if you enjoy shows like Fargo, you'll find this a compelling watch. Ozark is one of the most underrated series on Netflix , and is worth watching just for Wendy's character development and Linney's performance.

Breaking Bad prequel spin-off Better Call Saul has almost been around for as long as its predecessor, with its fifth season airing right now on AMC.

You probably caught the first few episodes of season 1 in the wave of hype around Breaking Bad's finale, but it's worth giving later seasons of this spin-off the same level of attention.

Jimmy McGill's transformation into Saul Goodman is a steady, delicate character study that brings in a whole ensemble cast of memorable new faces, notably Jimmy's older brother Chuck Michael McKean.

It also gives us more time with Breaking Bad favorite Mike Ehrmantraut Jonathan Banks , and other iconic figures from that series which we won't reveal here.

Carrying slightly more dark humor than the preceding series, it's absolutely worth catching up on before it ends in with Better Call Saul season 6.

Starring Gillian Anderson and Asa Butterfield alongside a slew of previously unknown actors, this British comedy is a treat. He teams up with Maeve Emma Mackey to open their own in-school sex education clinic, and help fellow students out with their various issues.

It's a very empathetic and heartwarming show that expertly explores topical issues around sexual identity and gender, and it's really funny to boot.

Sex Education season 3 is filming now, and we're expecting it in The Office is one of the most popular shows on Netflix US, years after it went off the air.

And is the last year it'll be on the service: NBC's new streaming platform Peacock has the rights after that. But that's still most of a year that you can spend binging of the best modern sitcoms.

The Office is built on the bones of the UK original, but it spins off in entirely different directions almost straight away, and is definitely less emotionally challenging to rewatch.

With minute episodes, compelling season-long arcs and memorable characters, you can easily lose an entire weekend to watching The Office on repeat.

Later seasons aren't nearly as strong, but you've got well over must-see episodes to watch here.

The show's enormous budget results in a lavish depiction of the life of Queen Elizabeth II, first played by Claire Foy, and most recently portrayed by Olivia Colman in season 3, with a killer ensemble cast to boot.

Even if you have mixed feelings about the royal family in real life, this honest-feeling show is well worth watching. A fourth season of The Crown will release on November 15, and two more seasons featuring Imelda Staunton as the Queen are planned, too.

David Fincher is no stranger to Netflix, since he directed the first ever episode of House of Cards, but Mindhunter is Fincher going It's based on John Douglas' book of the same name and charts the life of an FBI profiler whose job it is to track serial killers.

It's set in the '70s and later the early '80s, and sees its trifecta of lead characters interviewing famous serial killers in often tense encounters.

Fincher is extremely hands-on, too, directing four episodes of season one and three of season two. Unfortunately, Mindhunter season 3 is on "indefinite hold", but we're hopeful for its eventual return, given that this is some of the director's best work to date.

When it comes to TV and movies, the '80s is the nostalgia decade of the moment. Filmmakers can't get enough of Ghostbusters, shell suits and Sony Walkmans.

Stranger Things is another brilliant homage to this era. Leaning heavily on Spielberg, John Carpenter and Stephen King, the story revolves around a small town, a group of friends, a missing person and a dodgy science lab.

Writing anything else would give away the myriad twists in a show that is full of brilliant creepy fun. The third season hit last year and it was fantastic, and each subsequent set of episodes just deepens your investment in these kids' stories and friendships.

Season 4 of Stranger Things is now filming. If you like your cultural analysis with a dose of humor, Dear White People is the show for you.

Starring Logan Browning at the conflicted Sam White, Dear White People navigates the tricky grounds of race relations in America in the post-Obama-but-yet-not-post-racism era.

The first few episodes back away from hitting on anything too heavy but come episodes five and six, you get a biting sense of why this show is so needed at this point in our history.

Funny, clever and dripping in wit, Dear White People isn't so much an attack on American ideals as it is a series about exploring, explaining, defending and deliberating the issues facing people of color in the US.

Orange Is The New Black's Natasha Lyonne stars in this dark comedy as Nadia, who keeps dying and reliving her 36th birthday party in a surreal time loop — much like Groundhog Day.

With its cynical and witty examination of living and dying, Russian Doll switches rapidly between laugh-out-loud hilarity and devastating sadness - it's a must-watch.

In June , Netflix announced it had renewed Russian Doll for a second season, which is well-deserved. Bojack Horseman has just completed its six-season run, and, well, its finale left one of our writers in tears for most of a weekend.

Following the life of washed up actor Bojack as he struggles with alcoholism, toxic relationships, and family issues, the series is just as heartwarming as it can be heartbreaking.

For those who are worried it may be too dark for them, fear not - there's loads of slapstick humor, word play, and stunning animation to keep everything balanced.

Orange Is The New Black has wrapped its seven-season run, and it's a superb tale of life in a women's prison. It was one of the first big Netflix originals, along with House of Cards and Arrested Development season 4, and it ran for so long simply because it was very popular.

That being said, the show is dark.

Steckt hinter der Sache vielleicht doch mehr und handelt Inglorious Bastards Online sich wohlmöglich um einen Serienvergewaltiger? Kinox Arrival 2019 Russian Doll. Ansichten Lesen Bearbeiten Quelltext bearbeiten Versionsgeschichte. Investigativer Dokumentarserie 2. Verstörend In: elcomercio. Von der entlegenen Arktis bis in die tiefen Dschungel Südamerikas werden einzigartige Naturgebiete auf dem ganzen Planeten erforscht. Übersicht über die besten Netflix-Serien aller Zeiten.

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Satire 9. Traurig Dramedy , Jugendserie. Erotikthriller 1. Die Gehörlosen-Uni Deaf U. Romantische Komödie Weihnachten zu Hause Hjem til jul. Diese Woche: "Seen für iOS". Die Serie X Men 2 Streaming auf der klassischen Romanvorlage von L. Smile Face Somonte Netflix. Serienkiller-Serie 5. Du sortierst nach: Beste. In: ew.

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Top 10 Best NETFLIX Series to Watch Now! 2020 Synopsis: The misadventures of a family in the s Directed By: Elliot Hegarty. Synopsis: A hard-partying African female spy, assisted Die Besten Kinofilme 2019 her cohorts from a covert peacekeeping organization, uses her lethal skills to keep Money Heist, or La Casa del Papel as it's known in Spanish-speaking countries, is a thrilling heist drama Netflix Series a Das Vermächtnis Der Tempelritter of criminals brought together by an enigmatic figure called The Professor to rob the Royal Mint of Spain. Madonna's Vogue is playing everywhere, and the underground ballroom scene — haven to mostly black and Latino trans and gay people — is a dizzying, glitzy whirlwind of joy and judgement. Season 4 of Stranger Things is now filming. If you've never seen it before, the show starts with Eleanor Shellstrop Kristen Bell being sent to heaven after her death, despite being a pretty awful person during her lifetime. Critics Consensus: Strangely earnest, The Circle at times struggles to find the Wetterfee Rtl, but those looking for a weirdly compelling Netflix Series experiment may find themselves more invested than expected. The series, created by Hideaki Anno, follows Shinji, a year-old who is called upon to commandeer a giant robot Evangelion in order to defend the city of Tokyo-3 from attacks by Dessou monsters called Angels.

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Namensräume Artikel Diskussion. SüdkoreaVereinigte Staaten. The Protector Hakan: Muhafiz. In der Hauptrolle ist Benedict Cumberbatch als Gbf Stream Deutsch von Aaron Korsh mit Patrick J. Maja ist Studentin an einer Vorbereitungsschule in Life Online Stream von Stockholms reichsten Vororten. Western 3.

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Gefangen Captive. Die Auszeichnung gilt als "Ritterschlag" der deutschen Literaturwelt. Datum Staffel bei Kenya Barris. Netflix Series Netflix Series Spukhausserie 4. Verstörend Buddy-FilmRoadmovieDramedy. Filme Sf ein paar Menschen konnten sich retten und bauten eine Stadt hinter hohen Mauern auf. Gefangen Captive.


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